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Why Pack With Llamas?

 While hiking in rocky, steep, and tough to navigate terrain llamas excel where some pack stock might fall short. Like camels, llamas can retain and store moisture from plants. Llamas also are ruminants with a three chamber stomach. The food goes through the first stomach, only to be regurgitated and swallowed again, meaning that they can extract all the essential nutrients possible out of whatever they are munching. This makes it so that hunters, fishers or even just camping trips you can stay at harder to get to places with little to no water and less vegetation. 

We get asked the question "how much weight can a llama carry?" well a llama can carry 20-25% of their body weight. We expect our boys to carry 70lbs all day when they reach maturity. Packing out meat is a little different and they can pack a little more weight because of how the weight is distributed.

Environmentally llamas have about the same impact as a hiker would. If you want more information on that click the button below!

You never have to be worried about preditors coming close by and you not knowing about it. Llamas will send out an alarm call and probably start acting out of the ordinary. The llamas might not send out an alarm call if they don't feel threatened by the bear, wolf, cougar, etc.. but chances are if there not worried about it you shouldn't either. 

We only pack with our males. You can pack with females but for our operation and set up we felt its best that we only pack our males.

 Our llamas receive training year round! We want them to be ready for every situation they are put in. 

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