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What is provide when you rent a llamas

We send you with all the equipment needed for the llamas. This includes halters, lead ropes, pack saddles, saddle blankets, panniers, stake, stake out rope, llama feed (if needed).

Pricing for Llamas

Pricing for Trailers

1-3 Days 70per llama/day

4-6 Days 60per llama/day

7-14 Days 50per llama/day

*There is a minimum of 2 llamas

2H-30per day


Stock Racks-20per day

*There will be a 2" ball provided if need be. 

  • When reserving llamas for a trip we require a non-refundable 50% down then the rest 14days prior to pickup.

  • If llamas aren't reserved they are first come first served. Same goes for horse trailers/stock racks.

Llama 101 Training (3-4 hour class)

40per person (17 and under are free) for a 3-4 hours of training

*This class is required if you haven't rented llamas from us before.

*An adult (18yrs) has to accompany a rental party and be primary care giver of llamas.

What you learn in Llama 101 Training

-How to catch/halter/lead llamas

-How to load/unload llamas from trailer or stock rack

-How to properly care for llama on trail/camp

-How to saddle and hook llamas together

-How to properly pack and weigh panniers

-How to stake out llamas at camp

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