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Daxson...$1000 stud fee

ILR #293997
Height: 48.5
Age: March 17, 2019

Dam: HITRL REINA #286447


How a stud service works

Female(s) Provider responsibilities

  • Get your female(s) ready for breeding. Which means not to fat/skinny. Either of those make it difficult to get a llama pregnant.

  •  Owners are responsible for travel to and from ranch.

  • Get a health inspection done if your coming from out of state.

  • Run a fecal test to make sure your female(s) don't have parasites. We don't want that spread to our ranch.

  • Pay 200 non-refundable deposit. This covers the hay/water and time it will require to take care of your female(s) while they are at our ranch for 4-8 weeks. This fee goes toward your final payment. (500-200=300 for final payment)

  • Once the cria is born and is healthy, you will pay the remaining balance of the stud fee. If the cria is stillborn or the female doesn’t give birth, you do not pay the remaining balance of the stud fee. If you wish to try to breed again you will need to pay the 200 non-refundable fee again to cover feed and our time.

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