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This is a 3 day trip. A base camp at Middle Beaver Lake. Lots of relaxing, fishing and wildlife viewing.

Hiking 6.5 miles per day with 1 rest day

Tokewanna Peak Adventure

This is a 3 day trip. A base camp at Bobs Lake. Giving an option to summit Tokewanna peak if weather conditions permit.

Hiking 9 miles per day with 1 rest day


This will be a 3 day trip. Stopping at Middle Beaver Lake as camp 1. Camp 2 will be around Island Lake.

Hiking 8-9miles per day

Scenic Kings

This is a 3 day trip. Camp 1 will be at Island Lake.Camp 2 will be around Fox Lake.

Hiking 8-10miles per day with the second day being only 2 miles

Customized Trips

We can make any of these trips longer or shorter. Let us know your plans! Day hikes to closer lakes are also available. 


*The forest service will not allow us to go into Henrys Fork or Red Castle Drainages.

$335 per day per person for any guided trips

3 person minimum on all guided trips

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